Marshfield Man Pleads Not Guilty to Felony Strangulation and Other Domestic Abuse Charges

Shyanne Harn Could Face Trial for Four Domestic Abuse Accusations

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Shyanne Harn, 45, of Marshfield was arraigned on charges Tuesday in Wood County Circuit Court. According to court records, Harn is charged with multiple counts of domestic abuse, including a Felony H for strangulation and suffocation, Misdemeanor A for battery (two counts), Misd A for Misuse of GPS device to obtain information, and two Misdemeanor B counts of disorderly conduct.

According to the criminal complaint (full document here), on October 23, 2022, a Wood County Sheriff’s Department deputy responded to a potential disturbance near Dexter County Park. The report indicated that somewhere near the north end entrance the caller could hear a male and female arguing with small children around.

The deputy located the female, who stated she and a friend were attacked by her husband, Harn. According to the report, she said Harn pushed her several times, pushed her to the ground, and kicked her repeatedly in the lower back area, as well as dragged her across the ground. The friend was able to get free from a “triangle choke hold” and escape.

The deputy stated that Harn’s wife also spoke about another incident that occurred in April. The incident resulted in a bloody lip from a physical strike according to the victim. In addition, she stated that he put his hands around her neck and began to choke her. She stated that she feared she was going to pass out because due to the lack of oxygen.

Deputies spoke with Harn, who stated he had been suspicious of his wife’s behavior and used an old phone to track her, which is why he knew she was near the park. Harn stated he saw her and the other person sitting on a blanket that that “they physically jumped him and were the aggressors.”

After speaking with deputies, Harn admitted that he did come home intoxicated that night in April and knows his wife claims that she had a fat lip. The defendant stated that he is not a physical person, he does not like to fight, and he would not put his hands on his wife.

His next court appearance is scheduled for February 17, 2023 (final pre-trail date).

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