Marshfield Insurance Educates Community on Human Resources Issues

Marshfield Insurance Recaps “Lunch and Learn” Program

With many common misconceptions surrounding human resources, Marshfield Insurance, Murdock Law, and MACCI recently sponsored a program called “Human Resources Do’s and Don’ts” with the goal of bringing awareness to new law changes and other topics related to H.R.

Marshfield Insurance also discussed insurance coverages relating to human resources exposures. (The program was recorded by MCTV and can be viewed here.)

According to Nick Arnoldy, CIC, CPIA and Agency Principal for Marshfield Insurance, the purpose of the “lunch and learn” workshop was also to inform local businesses of the dynamic human resource subject manner and to introduce attendees to a local H.R. resource.

“Marshfield Insurance has access to attorneys who specialize in human resource issues,” said Arnoldy. “Qualifying clients of Marshfield Insurance can access the advice of an attorney at no charge.”

At the presentation, Murdock Law, from Milwaukee WI, provided an overview on “exempt vs. non-exempt employees,” outlined whom is subject to FMLA and other regulations, highlighted best practices for handbook creation or revision and proper performance documentation, and presented methods to insure legal expenses relating to employee grievances.

Arnoldy presented on the various aspects of H.R. related to insurance and legality, something that Marshfield Insurance specializes in understanding.

“Many insurance agents focus largely on price, simply because there is a lack of other benefits like service, knowledge or value. Our approach is to provide a service that others also provide but to have a better process for doing it,” he said. “We deliver our customers a better or more predictable result when it comes to their risks and premiums by offering benefits like access to a legal representative.”

Though the main goal of the presentation was to inform people, Arnoldy also was happy for the opportunity to share the ways in which Marshfield Insurance goes above and beyond when it comes to Human Resources issues, highlighting that their access to legal representation is just one way their office stands out.

“This is just one example of how our office differentiates itself from the agents offering only a savings and having no extensive knowledge of the products in which they pitch,” he said. “Premiums are important and everyone needs to be competitive- this has never been our issue with over thirty companies to choose from when it comes to commercial insurance products in our office.”

With the ability to both educate the public on important issues, Arnoldy hopes more business owners and community members will take advantage of these presentations in the future.

“The community and local businesses can benefit from the free advice at our ‘lunch and learns.’ They can also benefit from being a policyholder and utilizing resources like our legal team,” he said. “The events promote our approach and our self-proclaimed declaration that we typically have more expertise than an average agent.”

Arnoldy encourages anyone seeking more information to contact his office, and advises everyone to stay tuned for more events in the future.

The program was recorded by Marshfield Community Television and can be viewed here:

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