Marshfield High School Band and Orchestra Performs in Florida

Band and Orchestra Performed at Disney Springs in Orlando

by Bailey Cichon, MHS Senior

On Tuesday, June 6th, the Marshfield High School Band and Orchestra performed at Disney Springs in Orlando, Florida. The high school students performed medleys of popular Disney songs in front of crowds of people from around the world. Students worked throughout the school year to prepare their shows for the Disney Springs stage.

Andrew Neidner coordinated the trip and fundraising with assistance from the rest of the secondary music faculty. 192 students along with 37 chaperones and 4 members of the music faculty participated in the trip which lasted a total of six days. Students spent three days exploring both the Disney Parks and Universal Studios and enjoyed an afternoon at Coco Beach.

“I liked the fact that I got to perform in front of a different audience than the usual Marshfield audience [that attends our concerts back home],” said Esther Schecklman, a member of the band. “I am glad that I got to show more people the talent that the Marshfield High School Band contains.”

The choir was scheduled to perform but due to poor weather their performance was ultimately cancelled. To make up for their cancelled performance at Disney Springs, the choir created a flash mob Thursday morning at their hotel. The choir performed a medley of beachy surfing songs complete with dance moves.

“I feel privileged that my music department is able to represent Marshfield in such a fun way,” said Michaela Lawyer, a member of the choir.

“If I were to describe the experience in a phrase I would use ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’,” added Schecklman.

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