Marshfield Gymnasts Dominate in Win over Antigo

Marshfield freshman Hanna Merkel competes on the balance beam at the WIAA State Gymnastics Championships at Wisconsin Rapids Lincoln High School on Friday. (Photo by Stuart Sundby/

Marshfield (OnFocus) – Hannah Merkel took first on vault and won the all-around as Marshfield defeated Antigo in GNC Gymnastics action, 132.125 to 121.15.

Merkel finished in the top five of all four events for the Tigers.

Sophie Nikolay won the vault for Marshfield.


1. Hanna Merkel (MAR) 33.375
2. Claire Musolff (ANT) 31.775
3. Abby Pietsch (MAR) 31.55

 1. Sophie Nikolay (MAR) 8.9
2. Musloff (ANT) and Alexis Mushel (MAR) 8.8
4. Kim Backaus (MAR) 8.65
5. Merkel (MAR) 8.475

Uneven bars:
1. Merkel (MAR) 8.65
2. Vivian Nikolai (MAR) 7.9
3. Mushel (MAR) 7.85
4. Ellie Jensen (MAR) 7.8

Balance beam:
1. Zarda (ANT) 7.8
2. Pietsch (MAR) 7.65
3. Phoebe Hernandez (MAR) 7.55
4. Merkel (MAR) 7.5
5. Nikolay (MAR) 7.2

Floor exercise:
1. Zarda (ANT) 8.95
2. Mushel (MAR) 8.9
3. Nikolay (MAR) 8.85
4. Merkel (MAR) 8.75
5. Jensen (MAR) 8.7

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David Keech
Author: David Keech

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