Marshfield Firefighter Jeff Barth to Retire After 25 Years

Jeff Barth/Courtesy MFRD

OnFocus – Marshfield Fire and Rescue will be bidding farewell to one of its most decorated members this month.

Jeff Barth has been serving the department since June 17, 1996 in multiple facets. The longtime business-owner and community member has served on committees, helped usher in the new era of Marshfield Fire and Rescue as they built a new building back in 2010 and has kept Marshfield citizens and their property safe for 25 years.

Barth said he experienced some wild situations but the memories he made with the people he worked with will be what he remembers and misses the most.

“Marshfield is not a hotbed for fires which is a very fortunate thing,” Barth said. “Some of the explosions or fires at Marshfield Door [will be memorable]. There were a lot of memories.

“The biggest thing I’m probably going to miss is the second family you have at the fire department. The talks around the kitchen table, anything that needs to be discussed gets discussed around that kitchen table. That’s probably what I’m going to miss the most – the camaraderie.”

Barth has been one of the few members of the department that will start and end their careers on the same shift. He has been a part of green shift since his first day with the department.

“Stay positive and have fun with it,” Barth said. “I’ve had more fun in the fire service in the last 25 years – every day I come to work and I go home and my belly hurts from laughing. Don’t make it a job, make it a career.”

Barth said he plans to pursue his fishing career and manage his landscaping business with his free time away from the department.

Marshfield Fire Chief said Barth is a valued member of the department and his presence will be missed by all.

“Jeff is a great firefighter and has always preferred to be on the nozzle of the hose line inside fighting the fire instead of being on the outside looking in,” Scott said. “He taught a lot of department members what he knows about firefighting and because of that, they are better firefighters today.

“He has been a true asset to the department and he will be missed.  I thank him both personally and professionally for everything he has done for me and for the department.  I wish Jeff all the best in his future endeavors.”

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Neal Hogden
Author: Neal Hogden