Marshfield Fire & Rescue Seeks Cloth Face Coverings

fire department face mask

With the recent CDC recommendations that all individuals should wear face covers when they need to go out in public for essential items, Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department members are also seeking to wear the same type of face covers in the station for daily operations.

“We are trying to give all of our department members an added layer of protection during this COVID-19 pandemic,” said Chief Scott Owen. “We will be reviewing our plans again today and implementing some changes we feel will benefit not only department members and the public we serve, but also to our families when we head home after shift.”

“Some of these changes/additions to our procedures are above the recommendations from the CDC but we feel they are important enough to implement,” he added.

The department is asking anyone willing to sew face coverings for each of their members to wear in the station while conducting their daily duties to please contact them.

“We are looking for at least 40 cloth face coverings,” they said in a Facebook post. “Each member would be given one and be responsible to wear it throughout the shift (24 hours) and maintain it. Thank you in advance.”

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