Marshfield Fire & Rescue Responds to Porch Fire

Photo courtesy Chaz Fuller

Smoking Out Bees Causes Fire

OnFocus – Marshfield Fire & Rescue responded to a structure fire at Becker and Vine earlier this afternoon. The fire was contained to a porch on the second floor of the home.

According to Chief Scott Owen, the house is currently being refurbished and there was a bee’s nest in the porch underneath the decking. The owner’s attempt to smoke out the bees led to fire, which quickly spread. MFRD’s quick response kept the fire contained and damage to a minimum.

Photo courtesy of Chaz Fuller

“It was a quick response and a fast knock-down on the fire,” said Owen. “The longest part was tearing the porch apart to get in and make sure everything was cooled off.”

There was smoke damage in the home, but otherwise the main damage was contained to the porch, which is coming down in the renovation anyway. No one was hurt.

A couple hundred gallons of water was used on the fire, with some of that being used to keep the angry bees away. The smoke and fire didn’t kill the bees, which will now be removed through a different method.


Photo courtesy of Scott Owen
Photo courtesy of Scott Owen

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