Marshfield Fire & Rescue Hosting Citizen’s Fire Academy

Fire Academy Provides Free Hands-On Opportunity to Learn About Department

Whether looking to fulfill a childhood dream of fighting a fire or simply seeking to learn more about Marshfield’s Fire and Rescue Department, citizens of the Marshfield area are invited to join the department’s free Citizen’s Fire Academy.

“Our goal isn’t necessarily to train someone to be a firemedic, but to produce informed citizens as to what Marshfield Fire & Rescue does for the community,” said firefighter/paramedic Jeni Sadauskas. “We look forward to building a closer bond with our community members or creating a platform to encourage more people to join a fire and/or EMS service.”

Every Thursday for 5 weeks, starting April 13th from 6-9pm, the department will host 12 individuals to learn about Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department, and train in scenarios that firefighter/paramedics encounter daily. From the intense world of EMS to the exhilarating act of fire suppression, participants get to try it all.

“Topics will include a fire department services orientation and overview, emergency medical familiarity and CPR, fire extinguisher training, search and rescue techniques, and fire ground operations that will include live fire suppression,” said Sadauskas. “The course is designed not only to inform what the fire department does and why, but to also give practical safety knowledge.”

Past participants of the academy have been average citizens, as well as those interested in getting a feel for the profession.

“Don’t get hung up on physical ability, age, or fears – we are going to make sure everyone gets the most out of this,” said Sadauskas.

Along with being a fun learning opportunity, the course is also a way for Marshfield Fire & Rescue firefighter/paramedics to demonstrate their vast knowledge and skills.

“There is a good chance that one of us will be called on to save the lives of you or a family member or a friend. We are often there when someone is going through the absolute worst day of their lives (Or maybe the best day! We’ve been known to deliver babies!),” said Sadauskas.

“If getting to know us and having confidence in us and our skills can provide any amount of relief when someone needs to call 911, I believe that will do wonders for a person’s anxiety and fears in these situations.”

“The fear of the unknown can be debilitating; ‘How will they put out the fire?’, ‘What are they going to do to get a heartbeat back?’, ‘Are you going to be able take care of my child?’. Let us show you that you can trust us,” she said.

Citizens of the Marshfield area that are 18 years old or older are welcome to sign up. To register, call 715-384-3118 (8am-430pm and ask for Jeni, Everett or Jon) or send a private message on FB.

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