Marshfield Fire Department to Conduct Training at Maple Ave. Home

Home a Valuable Training Opportunity for Firefighters

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Marshfield Fire & Rescue Department will conduct training at 209 S. Maple Ave. over the next week or two before the structure on the property is demolished.

Starting Friday afternoon, all shifts will be performing search and rescue operations to suppression and ventilation procedures. There will be no live fire during this training, but residents may see smoke from a smoke generator.

The failing structure was purchased by the Wesley United Methodist Church as part of its rebuilding plans and offered for use to the fire department for training exercises before its demolition.

“We usually get a home to train in, if we’re lucky, maybe once every 2-3 years,” said Deputy Chief Jon Lucareli. “The only time we do this training if a home is actually going to be demolished because we do a fair amount of damage inside the home. We’ll practice going through walls, going through ceilings.”

While it won’t use a real fire, the department will simulate fire conditions by blacking out the windows to make it as dark as possible and using a smoke machine inside the home.

The department will still be responding to emergency calls as its priority but enjoys this valuable opportunity to conduct training on a real home so it’s better prepared for the real event.

Wesley United Methodist Church Expanding Property for Rebuilding Process

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