Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department Show Support for Cross Country Team

City of Marshfield Safety Departments Issue Press Release

Marshfield (OnFocus) City of Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department issued a press release after the department received a number of calls regarding an escort that took place on Friday.

Statement sent to OnFocus from Marshfield Fire Department:

On Friday, October 30th the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department along with the Marshfield Police Department was requested to escort the Marshfield High School Cross Country Team out of town as they compete at the State Championships.

The team was leaving Marshfield High School at 1000 hours on October 31, 2020. As the escort of the athletes progressed a parade for a political party was taking place and the two events co-mingled. Our department was unaware of the political event.

The department has received inquiries about our participation in a political event. Our department is and shall remain apolitical, we support the freedom of choice and support all citizens and visitors of Marshfield.

We wish the best of luck to the Marshfield Tiger Cross Country Team. GO TIGERS!

### End of statement ###

At the time of the escort, supporters for Trump were participating in a vehicle parade that stretched city blocks. The parade was making it’s way to Wisconsin Rapids.

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