Marshfield finishes 4-1, Spencer/Columbus 2-3 at Wisconsin Dells

WISCONSIN DELLS – For the second tournament in a row, defending WIAA Division 1 state champion Stoughton was the only team to stop the Marshfield wrestling team from a perfect record.

Marshfield finished 4-1 to finish second at the Devils Duals at The Bubble on Saturday.

Stoughton, which defeated the Tigers in a state quarterfinal last season and 41-28 at the Stoughton Duals last Saturday, beat Marshfield 50-19 in the championship bracket first-place match.

The Tigers defeated Oshkosh North 72-3, Wisconsin Dells 60-9, Mineral Point 49-21, and Slinger 40-28, to finish second at the tournament.

Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (170 and 182 pounds), Sam Mitchell (220), Nolan Hertel (160), and Gabe Pugh (126 and 132) each went 5-0 for the Tigers, with Hertel, Schwanebeck-Ostermann and Mitchell securing three pins each.

Ben Gust (195), Caden Pearce (152) and Keegan Cliver (113) each finished 3-1 for Marshfield. Pearce won three matches by major decision and another by pin.

Spencer/Columbus Catholic finished 2-3. The Rockets beat Oshkosh North 39-30 and Appleton West 37-24, and lost to Lodi/Stoughton JV 33-27, Iowa-Grant/Highland 42-30, and Stevens Point 54-21.

Ashton Ackman (120), Carson Hildebrandt (160), and Logan Zschernitz (285) all went 5-0, and Treyton Ackman (113), Leo Rodriguez (120), and Tanner Kleinschmidt (170) each finished 4-1 for the Rockets.

Ashton Ackman, Hildebrandt, and Zschernitz are all undefeated this season.

Marshfield hosts Wisconsin Rapids and Spencer/Columbus wrestles at Abbotsford/Colby on Thursday.

Marshfield 72, Oshkosh North 3
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) pinned Jeremiah Chmielewski (Oshkosh North), 1:41.
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) pinned A.J. Besaw (Oshkosh North), 1:11.
285: Kavin Beranek (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
106: Sirius Conrad (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
113: Keagan Cliver (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Carly Ochoa (Oshkosh North), 12-1.
120: Dylan Besaw (Oshkosh North) def. Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield), 4-1.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Tou Ger Yang (Oshkosh North), 19-4.
132: Caden Dennee (Marshfield) def. Cade Schmitz (Oshkosh North), 5-1.
138: Tanner Kanable (Marshfield) pinned Matthew Schallhorn (Oshkosh North), 4:41.
145: Brayden Richardson (Marshfield) pinned Drew McKay (Oshkosh North), 0:38.
152: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) pinned Travon Lee (Oshkosh North), 3:02.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) pinned Landon Spanbauer (Oshkosh North), 1:51.
170: Jackson Ott (Marshfield) won by forfeit.

Marshfield 60, Wisconsin Dells 9
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) def. Hunter Stenson (Wisconsin Dells), 8-2.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) pinned Kayleb Galloway (Wisconsin Dells), 3:15.
285: Kevin Coughlin (Wisconsin Dells) pinned Kavin Beranek (Marshfield), 0:27.
106: Sirius Conrad (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
113: Keagan Cliver (Marshfield) def. William Van Dinter (Wisconsin Dells), 6-1.
120: Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield) pinned Elizah Leonard (Wisconsin Dells), 1:17.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) pinned Jordon Kosterman (Wisconsin Dells), 1:11.
132: Caden Dennee (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
138: Tanner Kanable (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
145: Gavin Kingsley (Wisconsin Dells) def. Brayden Richardson (Marshfield), 7-4.
152: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Marty Koenig (Wisconsin Dells), 11-3.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) pinned Maverick Platt (Wisconsin Dells), 2:58.
170: Jackson Ott (Marshfield) def. Billy Dethloff (Wisconsin Dells), 3-2.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Langston Brown (Wisconsin Dells), 17-1.

Marshfield 49, Mineral Point 21
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) pinned Mason Horn (Mineral Point), 0:32.
285: Garrett Ward (Mineral Point) pinned Kavin Beranek (Marshfield), 1:08.
106: Colbi Carey (Mineral Point) won by major dec. over Sirius Conrad (Marshfield), 9-1.
113: Keagan Cliver (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Trapper Nafzger (Mineral Point), 21-3.
120: Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield) pinned Ross Lindsey (Mineral Point), 3:06.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) pinned Hayden Bakken (Mineral Point), 1:28.
132: Danny Pittz (Mineral Point) def. Caden Dennee (Marshfield), 2-0.
138: Caden Carey (Mineral Point) def. Tanner Kanable (Marshfield), 3-1.
145: Brayden Richardson (Marshfield) pinned Kane Gunderson (Mineral Point), 1:51.
152: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Logan Schmitz (Mineral Point), 15-5.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Nolan Springer (Mineral Point), 19-7.
170: Mason Hughes (Mineral Point) pinned Jackson Ott (Marshfield), 1:54.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) pinned Kyle Vondra (Mineral Point), 2:33.
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) pinned Daniel Nordstorm (Mineral Point), 3:29.

Marshfield 40, Slinger 28
285: Charlie Covert (Slinger) won by forfeit.
106: Carter Ziebell (Slinger) won by technical fall over Sirius Conrad (Marshfield), 18-2.
113: Keagan Cliver (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Noah Tonsor (Slinger), 14-4.
120: Caden Dennee (Marshfield) pinned Aidan Ford (Slinger), 0:32.
126: Michael Parker (Slinger) won by major dec. over Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield), 14-6.
132: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) won by technical fall over Jake Melzer (Slinger), 15-0.
138: Tanner Kanable (Marshfield) def. Cameron Tonsor-Heesen (Slinger), 6-0.
145: Tyler Strupp (Slinger) pinned Brayden Richardson (Marshfield), 1:34.
152: Caden Pearce (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Jake Bernarde (Slinger), 15-6.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) pinned Carter Amidon (Slinger), 1:17.
170: Timothy Gehring (Slinger) pinned Jackson Ott (Marshfield), 2:26.
182: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) pinned Scott Hellesen (Slinger), 1:18.
195: Ben Gust (Marshfield) def. Hunter Jeranek (Slinger), 1-0.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) def. Bennett Connolly (Slinger), 9-4.

Stoughton 50, Marshfield 19
106: Ethan Peterson (Stoughton) def. Sirius Conrad (Marshfield), 13-7.
113: Nicolar Rivera (Stoughton) pinned Keagan Cliver (Marshfield), 1:45.
120: Dante Steinmetz (Stoughton) def. Shane Westerhausen (Marshfield), 10-7.
126: Gabe Pugh (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
132: Braeden Whitehead (Stoughton) won by technical fall over Caden Dennee (Marshfield), 16-1.
138: Hunter Lewis (Stoughton) pinned Tanner Kanable (Marshfield), 1:21.
145: Luke Mechler (Stoughton) pinned Brayden Richardson (Marshfield), 0:34.
152: Gavin Model (Stoughton) pinned Caden Pearce (Marshfield), 1:41.
160: Nolan Hertel (Marshfield) def. Cade Spilde (Stoughton), 7-2.
170: Bentley Schwanebeck-Ostermann (Marshfield) won by major dec. over Luke Geister-Jones (Stoughton), 12-1.
182: Brandt Spilde (Stoughton) pinned Jackson Ott (Marshfield), 1:15.
195: Rudy Detweiler (Stoughton) def. Ben Gust (Marshfield), 9-2.
220: Sam Mitchell (Marshfield) won by forfeit.
285: Brooks Empey (Stoughton) pinned Kavin Beranek (Marshfield), 0:15.

Lodi/Stoughton JV 33, Spencer/Columbus 27
195: Double forfeit.
220: Brock Beyer (Lodi/Stoughton JV) pinned Danny Richmond (Spencer/Columbus), 4:13.
285: Logan Zschernitz (Spencer/Columbus) won by forfeit.
106: Dean Finney (Lodi/Stoughton JV) won by forfeit.
113: Treyton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Fose Ann Marshall (Lodi/Stoughton JV), 1:45.
120: Ashton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Alex Wicks (Lodi/Stoughton JV), 0:35.
126: Double forfeit.
132: Freeman Detweiler (Lodi/Stoughton JV) def. Leonardo Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus), 2-1.
138: Ethan Devore (Lodi/Stoughton JV) pinned Jacob Dick (Spencer/Columbus), 0:29.
145: Trent Carpenter (Lodi/Stoughton JV) pinned Andres Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus), 2:58.
152: Double forfeit.
160: Carson Hildebrandt (Spencer/Columbus) def. Jacob Gibson (Lodi/Stoughton JV), 7-5.
170: Tanner Kleinschmidt (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Ben Flickinger (Lodi/Stoughton JV), 0:32.
182: Ben Simplot (Lodi/Stoughton JV) won by forfeit.

Iowa Grant/Highland 42, Spencer/Columbus 30
220: Drew Hennessey (Iowa Grant/Highland) pinned Danny Richmond (Spencer/Columbus), 0:24.
285: Logan Zschernitz (Spencer/Columbus) won by forfeit.
106: Mason Welsh (Iowa Grant/Highland) won by forfeit.
113: Treyton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Treyton Starkey (Iowa Grant/Highland), 1:52.
120: Double forfeit.
126: Ashton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) def. Alec Zimmer (Iowa Grant/Highland), 6-3.
132: Leonardo Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus) def. Colton Cutts (Iowa Grant/Highland), 5-3.
138: Andrew Winders (Iowa Grant/Highland) pinned Jacob Dick (Spencer/Columbus), 3:52.
145: Cal Dorota (Iowa Grant/Highland) over Andres Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus), 1:27.
152: Jason Sedbrook (Iowa Grant/Highland) won by forfeit.
160: Carson Hildebrandt (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Eduardo Lacerda (Iowa Grant/Highland), 0:43.
170: Tanner Kleinschmidt (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Owen Murphy (Iowa Grant/Highland), 1:49.
182: Keegan Pilling (Iowa Grant/Highland) won by forfeit.
195: Donald Laufenberg (Iowa Grant/Highland) won by forfeit.

Spencer/Columbus 39, Oshkosh North 30
285: Logan Zschernitz (Spencer/Columbus) won by forfeit.
106: Gabe Medina (Oshkosh North) won by forfeit.
113: Treyton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Carly Ochoa (Oshkosh North), 1:45.
120: Ashton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) def. Dylan Besaw (Oshkosh North), 7-5.
126: Leonardo Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Tou Ger Yang (Oshkosh North), 3:06.
132: Cade Schmitz (Oshkosh North) won by forfeit.
138: Matthew Schallhorn (Oshkosh North) won by forfeit.
145: Andres Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Ethan Hinderman (Oshkosh North), 1:25.
152: Travon Lee (Oshkosh North) won by forfeit.
160: Carson Hildebrandt (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Landon Spanbauer (Oshkosh North), 0:43.
170: Double forfeit.
182: Tanner Kleinschmidt (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Jeremiah Chmielewski (Oshkosh North), 2:33.
195: Double forfeit.
220: A.J. Besaw (Oshkosh North) pinned Danny Richmond (Spencer/Columbus), 0:51.

Stevens Point 54, Spencer/Columbus 21
182: Ben Raczek (SPASH) won by forfeit.
195: Josh Kolodziej (SPASH) won by forfeit.
220: Fred Van Tiem (SPASH) pinned Danny Richmond (Spencer/Columbus), 0:59.
285: Logan Zschernitz (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Jaren Rohde (SPASH), 1:58.
106: Peyton Schuelke (SPASH) won by forfeit.
113: Justin Groshek (SPASH) def. Treyton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus), 10-7.
120: Ashton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Mason Jelinski (SPASH), 0:45.
126: Leonardo Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Carson Kindler (SPASH), 3:20.
132: Conner Seavers (SPASH) def. Jacob Dick (Spencer/Columbus), 12-10.
138: Max Schierl (SPASH) won by forfeit.
145: Cooper Behnke (SPASH) pinned Andres Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus), 4:36.
152: Brett Johnston (SPASH) won by forfeit.
160: Carson Hildebrandt (Spencer/Columbus) def. Sam Molski (SPASH), 5-4.
170: Hayden Scherr (SPASH) pinned Tanner Kleinschmidt (Spencer/Columbus), 3:27.

Spencer/Columbus 37, Appleton West 24
145: Andres Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Owen Sahli (Appleton West), 0:37.
152: Double forfeit.
160: Carson Hildebrandt (Spencer/Columbus) won by technical fall over Anthony VanDaalwyk (Appleton West), 20-3.
170: Tanner Kleinschmidt (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Kolin Schunk (Appleton West), 1:34.
182: Jason Fowle (Appleton West) won by forfeit.
195: Robert Hendrix (Appleton West) won by forfeit.
220: Eli Peapenburg (Appleton West) pinned Danny Richmond (Spencer/Columbus), 0:14.
285: Logan Zschernitz (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Devyn Farrell (Appleton West), 0:42.
106: Double forfeit.
113: Treyton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) pinned Ella Wymveen (Appleton West), 0:48.
120: Double forfeit.
126: Ashton Ackman (Spencer/Columbus) won by technical fall over Carter Cittadino (Appleton West), 17-0.
132: Leonardo Rodriguez (Spencer/Columbus) def. Traevon Wyckoff (Appleton West) 8-7, TB-1.
138: Tristan Poehls (Appleton West) won by forfeit.

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