Marshfield Clinic to Enact Visitor Restrictions

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Beginning Saturday, Dec. 4, patients will no longer allowed to have visitors enter the hospital due to rising COVID-19 numbers in the Wood County area.

Marshfield Clinic released a statement including updated guidelines pertaining to visitors at their Marshfield location.

“Marshfield Clinic Health System has had increased COVID-19 cases in some communities,” the release said. “As such, only care partners who are essential to patient health and decision-making are allowed at our location. No visitors are allowed unless special circumstances apply.”

Care partners that may be allowed for patients include:

  • Clinic and Hospital OB patients: 1 care partner (the same adult person during hospitalization)
  • Surgical adult patients: 1 care partner. – Care teams will share detailed instructions.
  • Clinic Oncology adult patients: 1 care partner
  • Emergency, Urgent Care, Walk-in and Surgical pediatric patient: 2 care partners
  • Hospital and Clinic pediatric or stable NICU patients: 2 adult care partners for the duration of the stay or appointment (the same two adults may visit during the patient’s hospitalization).
  • Patients where a caregiver is essential to their care (such as a patient with altered mental status, developmental delay or physical disability requiring assistance with medical care or activities of daily living).
  • Patients who have an activated power of attorney or court-appointed guardians.
  • Patients who have the potential for a sudden status change.
  • Patients who are at end of life.

According to the updated guidelines, for patients who may be at end of life, the care team will provide guidance related to visitors to support patients and families with the goal of creating an emotional support network, while keeping patients and visitors safe.

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