Marshfield Clinic Pays Tribute to Tom Hilber

Marshfield Clinic Photo - Tom Hilber

Beloved Elevator Operator Passed Away This Month

Local favorite Thomas Hilber, age 67, passed away earlier this month. Hilber retired in November 2016 from his position as “the elevator guy” at Marshfield Clinic, where he loved his work and made many friends throughout the years.

A four-decades long fixture at Marshfield Clinic, Hilber made friends with both patients and workers alike, and enjoyed meeting new people and discussing sports.

Bonnie Meyers started at Marshfield Clinic the same month and year as Hilber, working at the front desk in Neurology.

“I was the messenger and he was the elevator operator. I work at the desk right across from his elevator. We’ve been friends ever since,” said Meyers. “He was a very kind hearted man and he was very dedicated to his job and he took his job very seriously. Kids would wait for his elevator, saying ‘I want to ride on Tom’s elevator!’ and others would say, “I want to talk to him about the Packers last night!’ Everybody came to him. Everybody knew ‘Tom the Elevator Guy’. He was just very well known and very friendly and kind to everybody. He was a valuable piece of the Marshfield Clinic.”

Hilber cheered enthusiastically for Wisconsin sports teams, including Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks, and would discuss these at-length with travelers in his elevator.

Though Tom’s duties changed throughout the years as the clinic expanded, he was a constant fixture at the Marshfield Clinic elevators. After retirement, he moved to Menomonee Falls to be with family.

“There’s a big hole here at the Clinic,” said Meyers.

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