Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation Launches “Care For Our Caregivers” Campaign

Wheelers donates 23,000 vinyl gloves to help alleviate the personal protective equipment (PPE) shortage and protect healthcare providers at Marshfield Clinic Health System.

Local Businesses and Individuals Help Frontline Healthcare Workers

Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation’s new initiative, “Care for our Caregivers,” is an opportunity for anyone to make a philanthropic gift that will be used to help care for frontline caregivers and all staff working hard to take care of the community. Funds will be used to provide gift cards meals to staff, potential temporary housing options for staff exposed to the virus, and any other needs that arise for workers.

Donations to Care for our Caregivers have already purchased gift cards for healthcare providers to the Coffee Café in Marshfield Medical Center through Partners Gift Shop, which serves Starbucks coffee.

“Many of our providers are going to be working night and day around the clock and we know that this is a very contagious disease. So many of our providers have offered to help and I think it means a lot to them and the medical community when they have the support of others around them,” said Teri Wilczek, Chief Development Officer at Marshfield Clinic Health System Foundation.

By Doctor’s Day, March 30, the Foundation hopes to raise $20,000 towards “Care For Our Caregivers.”

“I think there will be more needs that we aren’t even aware of yet,” said Wilczek. “It’s really about making sure that our caregivers are well taken care of, that they can stay safe and healthy, and that they can feel the support of the community around them,” she said.

The most urgent needs are personal protective equipment (PPE), including N95 masks, which are used daily by healthcare workers. They are also in need of gowns, gloves, and protective eye equipment.

The Foundation has also been reaching out to local businesses to inquire about any extra supplies they might have.

“Knowing the urgency of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), it was something that we said ‘yeah, let’s see what we can do’ because we have great relationships with businesses and companies. We just started making calls and asked them if they have supplies on hand that they’d be willing to part with it,” said Wilczek.

Construction companies and other local businesses have stepped up to help. Earlier today, Wheeler’s donated 23,000 new vinyl gloves that their mechanics had not opened yet.

“When we heard the need for supplies, we asked ourselves what we might have that could help during this time,” said Mary Jo Wheeler, owner. “We were able to learn that the gloves we use in auto repair could be useful. We are so glad that these gloves can be used to help keep our medical professionals safe.”

“Many of our customers and neighbors in the community are caregivers. It just made sense to support them during this time,” said Daniel Wheeler, owner.

“It is the most important thing right now,” added Wilczek. “We need to keep our healthcare providers safe.”

To donate to the fund, click here. Weiler Convenience Store pledged up to $1,000 in matching donations for any contribution made on March 25.


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