Mark Kivela to Step in As Interim Wastewater Superintendent

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – In the wake of Marshfield Wastewater Superintendent Sam Warp’s retirement, Assistant Wastewater Superintendent Mark Kivela will step in and take his place in the interim.

Kivela is a veteran of the wastewater division, beginning his career with the City in 1994. He began as a wastewater plant operator and held that title until 1999 when he became an Assistant Wastewater Superintendent.

He and his wife Pam moved to Marshfield when he got the wastewater job in 1994 where they raised their daughter Nicole, a 2016 graduate of Marshfield High School.

Mark and his wife enjoyed a vacation before he began as the Interim Superintendent, a job in which he will officially begin on Jan. 10, 2022.

After 10 years on the job, Warp’s last day with the division will be Jan. 7. He gave the division more than a month’s worth of notice that he would be retiring and currently, he is helping Kivela learn the ropes of what his expectations will be as Superintendent.

Kivela said Warp has been extremely helpful to not only him but other members of the wastewater crew to help hand off his responsibilities in an efficient manner.

“He has been eligible for quite some time to retire,” Kivela said. “We were fortunate that he stayed with us this long.”

In the coming months, the City of Marshfield will have to go through the proper hiring process to determine who might take over as the official replacement for Warp.

Kivela and the team at the wastewater facility will be tasked with getting a new vacuum/jet combination truck along with some other projects during the winter months.

“The truck was in the budget for quite some time and Sam has been working on that,” Kivela said. “There’s always something in the works. You hate to wait until everything needs replacement all at once so we try and space things out and replace things that are only absolutely necessary.”

The City of Marshfield Wastewater Division and Facility are there to ensure that waste created by residents of Marshfield is not harming the environment.

According to their website, the wastewater facilities operate equal to or greater than compliance with the limiting discharge parameters and rules set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

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