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Submitted to OnFocus – David A Smith has reached his Mandatory Release date from Prison and on April 8, 2021, he will be released back into the county of conviction and placed on supervision administered by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC).

His charges include:

  • CAUSE CHILD TO VIEW OR LISTEN TO SEXUAL ACTIVITY (Case 14CF111); Conviction Statute 948.055(1) (Langlade County)
  • 2nd DEGREE SEXUAL ASSAULT OF A CHILD (Case 16CF1304); Conviction Statute 948.02(2)(Marathon County)
  • EXPOSING GENITALS TO A CHILD; Statute 948.10(1)(B) 2 Counts (Langlade County)

Sentence/Commitment Term: Conviction on Case 14CF111, Cause a Child to View or Listen to Sexual Activity was on 03/04/2015; Conviction on Case 16CF1304, 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child was on 08/10/2017. Exposing Genitals to a Child-2 Counts, was read in with Case 14CF111. EXTENDED SUPERVISION UNTIL 05/27/2027.

County of Conviction: MARATHON and LANGLADE

County of Release: MARATHON


Supervising DOC/DCC Agency:      Division of Community Corrections Office

Marathon County Courthouse

500 Forest St. Wausau WI 54402



Date of Conviction Offense Court Case Number Statute Number
03/04/2015 Cause Child to View or Listen to Sexual Activity 14CF111 948.055(1)
08/10/2017 2nd Degree Sexual Assault of a Child 16CF1304 948.02(2)
03/04/2015 Exposing Genitals to Child 948.10(1)(b)


Upon release from prison, Mr. Smith will be placed on the Wisconsin Department of Corrections (DOC) Intensive Supervision (IS) program.  Mr. Smith will be monitored by Sex Offender Agent Specialists with the Division of Community Corrections (DCC) based in the Marathon County Courthouse.  He will be living near Wausau, Wisconsin in the Town of Maine and will be subject to the DOC Global Positioning System (GPS).  Mr. Smith will initially be on a highly restricted schedule.

In the past Mr. Smith’s victims have been minor male and female youth either having direct sexual activity with the persons or exposing/causing them to watch him engaged in acts of masturbation.

Mr. Smith’s current address and any change of address will be updated and available online by accessing the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry at

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