MAPS Pet Pantry Open to Anyone Needing Pet Food

OnFocus – For anyone struggling to feed a pet, Marshfield Area Pet Shelter has reestablished a pet pantry in the entryway of their new facility at 3500 Downwind Drive.

“Our community has been so generous to us, and we would like to return the favor by inviting those in need to visit our free pet food pantry,” said Holly Henschke, MAPS Medical Coordinator.

MAPS keeps a table stocked in the front entryway of their shelter with a variety of cat and dog food that anyone is free to take.

“No questions asked, and everyone is welcome,” said Henschke. “Our only request is that you only take what you need so that we can supply as many people as possible.”

MAPS also accepts donations of food and supplies for the pantry and shelter use. There is a donation bine in the front entryway.

If you’d like to support the new shelter, there is also an opportunity to donate a tile or brick that will be placed in the lobby, hallways, and front catio area (click HERE for details).

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