MAPS Hosting Once-in-a-Lifetime Tile Fundraiser

OnFocus – As Marshfield Area Pet Shelter settles into their new facility at 3500 Downwind Drive, they are offering a unique opportunity to help them “finish their floors” and be a part of this community project.

Those interested in supporting the shelter can now purchase a 12” x 12” ceramic tile to complete the floors in the lobby area, adoption hallways and meet n’ greet room inside the new facility.

Also available is a 4” x 8” brick paver, which will be placed outside along the walkway in front of the new MAPS catio (outdoor area for our kitties).

“This is a unique opportunity to support and celebrate the new shelter,” said Executive Director Karen Rau. “Commemorate a beloved pet, remember a loved one or a special friend, honor your children or parents, promote your business, or mark a special event in your life with an engraved tile or brick with your personal message and optional graphic.”

Rau added that tiles and bricks will be proudly displayed inside MAPS’ beautiful new facility or outside by their catio.

“Your compassionate milestone will leave a lasting gift for years to come while ensuring a financial foundation for future homeless pets,” she said, adding that funds generated from this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity will enable MAPS to:

  • Purchase additional fencing for outdoor dog play groups
  • Set up perimeter fencing around the shelter to keep dogs safety contained within the property
  • Install acoustic pads for kennel rooms to control noise levels and reduce stress for dogs
  • Purchase additional shelving for all-important fundraising supplies in their upstairs area
  • Secure MAPS’ future with additional funds for daily operations.

Visit to participate.

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