Main Street Mindset: Circle the Date talks Community Involvement

Circle The Date Committed to Community Involvement

By Bailey Cichon – Random acts of kindness are appreciated no matter how small. During Hub City Days, Circle the Date welcomed the public to use their clean, air-conditioned bathroom. The formal wear boutique’s small contribution to the festivities helped the community in a big way.

“Just putting a sign outside that says, ‘Come use our bathroom’ is a way to aid the community and that doesn’t cost anything,” said Jenny Kilty, owner of Circle the Date.

“It was very helpful for people who had medical conditions to have a bathroom to use.”

Sign at Hub City Days

said Shannon Krasselt, a dress consultant at Circle the Date. “People who didn’t know what Circle the Date is came in and experienced it, even if it was just to stop by to use our bathroom. Now they’ve been in our store and have seen what we have to offer.”

Circle the Date is a special occasion boutique that can help in any portion of planning an event. From renting tuxedos to selling wedding gowns, special occasion dresses, and prom dresses, Circle the Date is Marshfield’s go-to boutique for formalwear. Aside from providing formal wear to the Marshfield area, Circle the Date is active in participating in community events.

“Anything that Main Street Marshfield puts on downtown we usually participate in, one way or another,” said Kilty. “Not every event that Main Street Marshfield does is going to bring me business, and I know that, but the idea is to just bring people downtown and get them to walk past all of the shops and their window displays.”

Circle the Date participates in downtown trick or treating. They also host the Little Miss and Mister Pageant during Maple Fall Fest every year.

“During the Little Miss and Mister Pageant, the kids dress up in their Packer jerseys, fall themed outfits, or formal clothes, really whatever they want to wear when they walk down the runway,” explained Kilty. “The kids aren’t wearing our clothes so it doesn’t really drive any business to Circle the Date but being involved with the community and watching kids dress up and have fun is rewarding in itself.”

Circle the Date also donates tuxedos for the Auction of Champions and Fun d’Arts.

“Most formal events in Marshfield we donate the tuxedos for,” said Kilty. “We do décor for

Pageant at Maple Fall Fest

most of the events, too, if they need it.”

Being a part of Main Street is important to Kilty, who said, “We’re a community of family businesses that are trying to survive and when we’re all working together, trying to help each other out, then business is better. I don’t like to see it when other businesses close.”

“Supporting businesses on Main Street makes the town a better place,” added Krasselt. “I like being a part of a small business because then I get to know who’s in my community better. And when you know what Marshfield has to offer, you can drive business to other small, local businesses as well.”

“It was nice to see all of the local businesses involved in Hub City Days,” added Kilty. “Main Street didn’t bring in outsourced vendors for the event; everything was local. Papagalo’s had a food truck, The Swamp had a hamburger stand that smelled delicious, Hiller’s did all of the blow-up stuff, and Roger’s Cinema was walking amongst the crowd selling cotton candy and popcorn. You could feel the community really coming together to put on the celebration.”

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