Madison E. and Mlk Washington vs Alma & Whitewater vs Dodgeville: Most Unique Mascot Challenge

5 Madison East & Milwaukee Washington Purgolders

The name Purgolder is a combination of both schools colors, as both schools wear purple and gold. Both schools also use a feline mascot which makes sense when your mascot name includes a slightly misspelled version of purr.

12 Alma Rivermen

Alma is a small town on the Mississippi river, Rivermen makes for a great mascot. While not used much anymore as Alma and neighboring Pepin co-op for most sports, Alma still boasts about “Rivermen Pride”.

5 Whitewater Whippets

A Whippet is a descendant of greyhounds and resembles a small version of the racing dog. Whippets compete in a lot of dog sports such as lure coursing, agility, and flyball.

12 Dodgeville Dodgers

We again come back to the alliteration, Dodgeville used to have a mascot, Dodger Dan. Now the school is represented by a D.

Voting closes 8/4/19 5:00 PM

Our first 6 vs 11 matchups the Flying Dutchmen take down the Bishops

And our second matchup, in an upset the Clippers take down the Indees.

Check back Monday when we get our 8 vs 9 matchups, the Pius XI Catholic Popes vs the Badger Badgers and Kaukauna Galloping Ghosts vs Whitehall’s The Norse.

Steven Okonek
Author: Steven Okonek