Loyal Girls Take First at Neillsville Track Invitational

The Loyal girls captured first place at the Neillsville Invitational on Wednesday.

Womens Varsity

1. Loyal 167
2. Neillsville 88
3. Gilman 58
4. Spencer 42
5. Greenwood 33
6. Granton 23

Womens Varsity Triple Jump

Womens Varsity Long Jump

Womens Varsity Pole Vault

Womens Varsity 200 Meters

1. 11 Gracie Tallier 36.72a Gilman
2. 10 Leah Scherer 38.12a PR Loyal
3. 10 Faustina Thomas 40.51a PR Granton
4. 12 Bridget Canfield 40.61a Neillsville
5. 11 Emma Moen 41.49a Neillsville
6. 10 Maya McConkey 42.66a PR Granton

Womens Varsity 800 Meters

1. 12 Emily Wehrman 3:20.88a Spencer
2. 11 Maci Bogdonovich 3:22.95a PR Loyal
3. 10 Maria Cortez 3:25.74a PR Neillsville
4. 11 Katlund Etlicher 3:30.88a PR Greenwood
5. 10 Sella Anderson 3:50.24a Neillsville
6. 12 Aurora Porcu 4:44.65a PR Spencer

Womens Varsity 400 Meters

1. 9 Noelle Teschner 1:34.03a PR Loyal
2. 11 McKenna Davel 1:38.54a Neillsville
3. 10 Leah Scherer 1:38.67a PR Loyal
4. 11 Kelly Boon 1:38.74a Neillsville
5. 9 Molly Zvolena 1:40.39a PR Loyal
6. 11 Laycee Glover 1:41.16a Spencer


Womens Varsity 45 Yard Dash

1. 11 Gracie Tallier 6.55a PR Gilman
2. 11 Aubre Robida 6.87a PR Loyal
3. 9 Hope Peroshek 7.12a PR Loyal
4. 9 Kaylee Lawrence 7.14a Neillsville
5. 9 Jaylen Copenhaver 7.16a PR Gilman
6. 11 Emma Moen 7.26a PR Neillsville

Womens Varsity 1600 Meters

1. 12 Emily Wehrman 7:16.06a Spencer
2. 10 Maria Cortez 7:30.12a PR Neillsville
3. 11 Katlund Etlicher 7:32.54a PR Greenwood
4. 10 Sella Anderson 8:17.18a PR Neillsville
5. 10 Anna Kayhart 8:56.49a PR Granton

Womens Varsity 45m Hurdles

1. 9 Claire Drier 9.02a PR Gilman
2. 12 Abrial Kubista 9.06a PR Loyal
3. 9 Alissa Kummer 9.82a Neillsville

Womens Varsity High Jump

Womens Varsity 4×110 Yard Relay

1. Loyal 1:09.47a
  Alyssia Zvolena, Sheila Tellock, Leah Scherer, Aubre Robida
2. Gilman 1:13.47a
  Claire Drier, Jaylen Copenhaver, Ellie Drier, Gracie Tallier
3. Neillsville 1:18.95a
  Bridget Canfield, Kaylee Lawrence, Emma Moen, Willow Riddle
4. Loyal 1:19.18a
5. Granton 1:22.26a
  Jordan Berg, Ella Piskow, Alexis Pongratz, Olivia Piskow
6. Greenwood 1:23.72a
  Lauren Ingold, Ricarda Goetze, Ella Reimer, Alyseah Anderson

Womens Varsity 4×225 Relay

1. Loyal 2:34.59a
  Alyssia Zvolena, Sheila Tellock, Autumn Zvolena, Aubre Robida
2. Neillsville 2:46.96a
  Ellie Walter, Ava Miller, Addison Anderson-Ruskin, Alissa Kummer
3. Loyal 2:47.41a
4. Greenwood 2:51.68a
  Lauren Ingold, Kayla Grambsch, Bria Thomas, Candela Soto
5. Spencer 2:59.22a

Womens Varsity 4×720 Relay


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David Keech
Author: David Keech

David Keech is a math teacher in Wisconsin Rapids and public address announcer for Abbotsord High School. He officiates basketball, baseball, and softball in central Wisconsin. He has reported on amateur sports since 2011, known as 'KeechDaVoice.' David can be reached at [email protected]