Lost Dog Rescue With a Surprising Twist

Officer Larsen in action

This morning, a driver near Wildwood Zoo spotted a small white dog running through the neighborhood and across streets. After a quick call to MAPS volunteers and Ordinance Control, an impromptu chase was underway.

Meanwhile, the owners had been searching all over for their lost dog – stopping at the nearby laundromat, a hockey game, and V&H Auto.

“Still couldn’t find anyone who saw her, then thought…hmmm… maybe CHIPS Hamburger smell in the air, maybe she went there to try and score a handout,” said Fancy’s owner, Al Rapid. “Came up empty wherever I went.”

Soon, the owners arrived on-scene and it was a mad dash down icy sidewalks in search of the quick little canine. Frantic calls of “Fancy” could be heard for about an hour as the dog came in and out of sight, running between houses and through bushes.

Finally, after about 90 minutes, the dog was seen running towards an open field on the south end of Adams Ave. Volunteers took off in pursuit, surrounding the tired little dog as Ordinance Officer Bob Larsen pulled up alongside the road. The dog wandered slowly across the freezing ditch as Officer Larsen made an epic dive to capture the dog in his net.

Safely caught, the icy dog seemed relieved as it realized it was in good hands. The dog was caught just in time, as cold and shaking he was losing heat and heart-rate. The owners, Al and Jackie, cradled their dog, which was covered in mud and caked in ice and snow, and carefully maneuvered into their vehicle. As volunteers caught their breath and celebrated, the car door opened…

“We have a problem,” said Al. “This isn’t our dog.”

There apparently were two missing little white dogs on the southwest side of Marshfield.

The actual Fancy

Regrouping, Officer Larsen gently placed the dog in the warm ordinance vehicle and prepared to take him to Marshfield Area Pet Shelter for care. The owners and volunteers decided to go home and regroup before restarting the search for the actual “Fancy.”

Luckily, Fancy was waiting for Al and Jackie when they arrived back at home.

It was a strange morning for all involved, but both dogs are now safe and warm. MAPS is still searching for the owner of the unclaimed dog, but will be able to cross reference with a rabies tag number when veterinary offices open on Monday.

“All in a day’s work!” said Officer Larsen.

If you are missing a small white dog, please call Ordinance Control at 715-387-4394.

UPDATE: Dog’s owner has come forward! Details to follow.

Found dog warms up at MAPS. Photo courtesy of MAPS.







UPDATE: Dog’s name is “Murphy” and he’s been reunited with his human, Amanda. He is safely home now and getting a much-needed warm bath 🙂

Murphy reunited with his human, Amanda








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