Longtime ProVision Partners Employees to Celebrate Retirement this Month

David Krall and Leroy Weisman

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – After 23 years at ProVision Partners, both David Krall and Leroy Wiesman are retiring at the end of December.

Weisman spent his career with the Stratford feed mill location, starting as a bag loader and moving onto bulk pickups. Krall started in the Marshfield location, working in sales and as a bulk fuel delivery driver. Both men are Central Wisconsin natives – Wiesman graduated from Stratford High School and has farmed his entire life. Krall is a Newman High School graduate.

“I’ll miss the farmers,” Wiesman said as he prepares for his last day at ProVision. In retirement, he plans to spend more time on his motorcycle, continue driving bus (something he has done for more than two decades), and tending to his 120-acre farm.

“The interaction with the people is the best,” added Krall, who added that management at ProVision has always been great to work for. “Paul Dietsche and Troy Thompson were the best bosses ever. Troy is great, but I worked for Paul longer,” he said.

In retirement, both men look forward to spending more time with grandchildren. Krall hopes his grandson carries on the tradition of playing the tuba (which he himself played at the 1972 Olympics in Munich) and Wiesman has hopes his grandkids will keep the farm in the family in some capacity.

Both are proud of their careers with the local cooperative.

“People know we at ProVision do a great job for the customer,” said Weisman.

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