Local Volunteer Fire Departments Respond to Camper Fire

Camper Fire
Screenshots courtesy Andy Wuethrich

TOWNSHIP OF RICHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – Last night at 8:34pm, Richfield Rural Fire Department responded to a camper that was on fire that was in close proximity to the house and had lots of trees around it.

Due to the potential exposure issues, Hewitt Area Volunteer Fire Department, Arpin Volunteer Fire and Rescue, Cameron Vol. Fire Dept. and Wood County Central RIT were requested for assistance.

A Pittsville Ambulance that was returning from the hospital back to Arpin came across the scene shortly after the page and discharged a fire extinguisher and knocked the fire down.

Units arrived shortly there after and finished extinguishing the fire. Other responded units were either cancelled or down graded to non-emergent response. One subject from the residence did experience burns and was transported to the hospital by Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department. Units cleared the scene at 9:44pm.

Richfield Rural Fire Department shared the following video captured by the homeowner:

“Never a dull moment…. a huge thank you to Pittsville, Richfield, Hewitt, and Arpin Volunteer Fire Departments. You guys had perfect timing and I can’t thank you all enough!!!!!!!” he said.

The need for volunteer firefighters is great! If you are interested in helping, contact your local department today!

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