Local Teen Battling Cancer Featured in NFL’s My Cause My Cleats Campaign

Herman's cleat design for Packer running back Aaron Jones. Courtesy of the Green Bay Packers on Facebook.

GREEN BAY, WI (OnFocus) – Every year, the National Football League and the Green Bay Packers host the My Cause, My Cleats Campaign where players can wear unique cleats during game days that will give notoriety to a cause of their choice.

This year, Packer running back Aaron Jones chose pediatric cancer as a cause he wanted to support. He held a contest to see which young cancer patient could create the best cleat design. Jones picks the winner and that will be the color scheme he wears in the Packers’ My Cause My Cleats game.

Marshfield teenager Ashley Herman won Jones’ competition and her design will be featured on his cleats in their game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday night.

In January of 2021, Ashley was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a blood cancer that starts in the lymphatic system which helps the immune system fight infections.

She will get to attend the game between the Packers and Bears along with her family.

“It’s bigger than football sometimes, it’s who you bring with you and that’s what I believe in,” Jones said.

Ashley said she didn’t intend on entering the contest but when she saw a flyer for the program, she thought it would be something cool to do.

“My mom and I were just going for a walk to get out of the hospital room,” Ashley said. “We went into the family lounge area just to sit down. There was this piece of paper that [showed] this contest and I was like, ‘Oh, well that’s something to do.'”

Jones, along with the other participants in the My Cause My Cleats program, will be auctioning off his cleats and donating the money to his cause. Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation will be the recipient of the money raised by Jones and Herman’s cleats.

Jones was also recently named the Packers’ nominee for the Walter Payton Man of the Year award given to an NFL player that has showed outstanding service to their community.

The Packers released Part 1 in a multiple-part series showcasing the My Cleats My Cause story on their social media.

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