Local Teams Compete in America’s Pub Quiz League Finals

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) This weekend, at least 12 local teams will compete in the America’s Pub Quiz League Finals, being held at Nutz Deep II in Marshfield.

For the last 16-18 weeks, teams have competed in weekly trivia games held at Nutz and other locations throughout Central Wisconsin. Though trivia is open to casual players and drop-in teams that want to play for a night or every once in a while, the league teams have to meet a certain amount of points to qualify.

The top 20 scores of a league team are compared with the top 20 scores of another league team in the area, with any team in the league being eligible for the tournament. The top ten teams with the best combined scores (up to 20 games) are invited to the tournament.

“Since we only take the top 20 scores, it makes sense for teams to play our game as often as they can. One good night of trivia can eliminate a clunker of a score,” said Eric Maixner, America’s Pub Quiz Director of Operations.

First place at the local tournament will win $200, with second through fourth places winning gift cards to Nutz Deep II. With a limit of six people per team, it is estimated that about 72 people will play.

“Congruently, we run a state-wide tournament, where teams from the Fox Valley, La Crosse, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Madison & Eau Claire all play at the same time,” explained Maixner. “They’re all asked the same questions, during the same time-span. In total, we’ll have a little under 100 teams state-wide, all vying for a $2,000 first-place prize, with cash prizes paid out to the top six teams.”

APQ also hosts tournaments in California, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota & Colorado. Those state-wide tournaments are run similarly. In total, APQ will give away about $6,000 this weekend.

Kirk Kramp, local MC for the trivia competitions, is excited to host the finals this weekend.

“It’s good to see the top trivia teams in the Central Wisconsin area stack up against each other,” he said. “Also to see how well they do against other teams from around the state.”

“People enjoy playing APQ as a way to enjoy the company of friends, good food and drinks and also have some good laughs,” added Kramp.

“One of the greatest things about our show are the hosts,” said Maixner. “Kirk is incredible at what he does in Marshfield. It’s always my pleasure to co-host with him, whenever I get the chance.”

Ashley Draeger, a member of team “Trebek’s Rejects,” is looking forward to competition and hopes to place in the top three.

“The finals are statewide and the questions tend to be a bit harder,” she said. “It’s often a team from the Madison area that takes the big prize.”

Draeger encourages anyone that’s curious to give trivia a try.

“It’s so much fun testing your knowledge and working as a team to come up with the right answer,” she said. “Each person on our team has knowledge about different things. We have people who know sports, music, literature, pop culture, history, science and cinema. And sometimes you really surprise yourself with what you know.”

Scott Koran and the rest of his team, “The Awkward High Fives,” will also be competing this weekend. They have been playing for about two years, after neighbors suggested they give it a try.

“Honestly, we were a bit unsure if we would like it but the categories and audio bonuses were fun,” said Koran. “It is amazing how much information you retain over your lifetime, from the oddest of places. I think the question, ‘Which 19th century president married Sarah Childress?’ surprised us the most as we knew the answer, James Polk. Overall, it is just a fun way to spend a few hours with friends.”

A small, Wisconsin-based, locally-owned & operated business, APQ provides live trivia events at more than 200 venues throughout the country. All hosts are hired and trained locally.

“It’s free to play, there’s no sign-up or attendance requirement & there’s a chance you could win fabulous prizes! Players are welcome to join us at any of our shows. Bring your friends,” said Maixner.

“There’s a social aspect that one doesn’t get by sitting on the couch, watching ‘Jeopardy!’ Sure, the gift cards for winners are great and are always appreciated, but spending time with your friends, arguing with each other about how high a table-tennis net is, or what colors are on the national flag of Brazil… that interaction with your friends is what makes APQ fun,” he added.

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

Breanna Butler is an award-winning multimedia producer born and raised in Central Wisconsin. She enjoys exploring and writing about the community. She lives in Marshfield with her husband and furry family.