Local Police Departments Ask that 911 be Used Only for Emergencies

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OnFocus – Local law enforcement is reminding the public to reserve 911 for emergencies and asked everyone not to contact dispatch with mask mandate issues. They also explained how they will be approaching the new mask mandate.

Wisconsin Rapids Police Department wrote: “Please do not call our Wood County Communications Center, especially the 911 lines to report mask mandate issues. We have limited resources to handle the call volume for our EMS, Fire and Law Enforcement partners.”

“Neither we, the Health Department, nor Sheriff’s Department have the means or capacity to respond to complaints regarding failure to comply with this order. If you are fearful, avoid those individuals and businesses not complying with this order,” Marshfield Police Department said on social media, adding that they “ditto” what Wisconsin Rapids posted.

“Businesses have the right to refuse service to anyone should you opt to not follow their rules. If you refuse to leave a business, and have no medical reason for not wearing a mask, we may be called due to causing a disturbance and will strongly encourage you to comply with the business and prevent further disruption before any enforcement action is taken,” they added. “It is highly recommended and deemed a best practice to wear a mask in public, when social distancing cannot be maintained, to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”

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