Local Departments Collaborate to Search for Zachary Vasa

Marshfield (OnFocus) – A coordinated search and rescue campaign was conducted today for Zachary Vasa, a Marshfield man that has been missing since June 13.

Wood County Sheriff’s Department spearheaded the search today in the Town of Rock, in conjunction with Wood County Rescue, Town of Rock Fire Department, Richfield Rural Fire Department, Town of Lincoln Fire & Rescue, and Marshfield Police Department.

The departments investigated an area of interest that detectives from MPD and Wood County they have reviewed and felt should be searched. They performed a coordinated area search looking for anything that would lead to evidence.

“We’ve continued to investigate his whereabouts,” said Wood County Investigative Sergeant Scott Goldberg. “We did do an area search this last Wednesday on some areas of interest. We did not find any evidence at those locations which is why we are continuing our search today.”

“We are very concerned for Zach’s safety at this time, as he has been gone missing for a month,” he added. “He has family that resides in and close to Marshfield. They are very worried.”

Phone data obtained led investigators to the region today, which was searched on foot.

“All of us at the department go through hundreds of hours of training,” said Goldberg. “In this case, obviously we want a positive outcome for the family but we do investigate these missing persons as they could lead to the worst outcome. We don’t know this at this time.”

Though today’s search didn’t lead to any further evidence, the departments remain hopeful.

“He missed a loved one’s birthday party and a job interview, which is concerning,” said Sheriff Shawn Becker. “It’s hard to speculate, though, because anything is possible.”

Becker applauded the efforts of local departments that came to help, and thanked them for their assistance. He asks that residents in the area continue to be vigilant.

“We are asking the public to take a look at their land, check for anything out of place,” said Becker. “It’s a very rural area out here and there is a lot of land to cover.”

“Ultimately we would like people in the Town of Rock and Town of Lincoln to search their outbuildings and look for anything out of the ordinary, check trail cameras,” added Goldberg.

“The best thing to do is go through your property and look for any items that shouldn’t be on your property, whether a cigarette butt, piece of furniture, anything that shouldn’t be there. If you don’t believe it was left that way, contact the department,” said Goldberg.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Wood County Sheriff’s Department at 715-421-8700.

Zachary Vasa

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