Local Couple Hosts Popular New Sports Show

Zaleski Sports Show Highlights Local Sports, Athletes

Marshfield couple Jason and Rachel Zaleski are bringing their passion for sports to Marshfield’s small screen with “The Zaleski Sports Show,” airing weekly on Marshfield Community Television (MCTV) and online through Focus On Marshfield’s Facebook page.

This newest program on local airwaves aims to showcase discussion of regional and national sports, with a special dedication to local sports.

In the production room during a recent episode.

Filmed weekly at MCTV studios, with additional footage (such as courtside interviews) included from throughout the week, the program features sports recaps and previews, as well as a segment entitled “Sports 101” to help explain the basic fundamentals of whichever sport is being discussed in that episode. Each episode concludes with an overview of local events and activities to explore.

“Our goal is to reach out to the community, offer sports highlights of the kids in our area, deliver education with sports basics, and overall just have fun,” said Rachel. “Jason and I have both thought for a long time that having a show catered to all levels of sports fans was missing both on youtube and mainstream media. We felt the community was missing the personal aspect of local sports showing off our youth’s talents. Thus came the inception of ‘The Zaleski Sports Show.’”

Rachel has enjoyed the spontaneity of the show, which is filmed live and without a script. Live segments are broadcast through Facebook throughout the week, with the main episode being filmed at MCTV.

Live in-studio at MCTV.

“The viewer is seeing all of our banter and mistakes just as it comes out of our mouths,” she said. “Jason and I have a great chemistry together and I think that helps the viewer stay tuned to see what we’ll say next! It feels great and kind of weird that so many people watch what we have to say.”

Jason enjoys bringing a spotlight to local sports and local athletes.

“I appreciate the opportunity to encourage our viewers to support our student athletes as they work hard in and out of the classroom,” he said.

With recent episodes reaching thousands of viewers, the Zaleski’s are excited to grow and develop the program to include members of the community in the studio. They hope to continue to have families in the Marshfield community watch and support student athletes.

As community producers, Rachel and Jason are volunteers doing the program purely for fun, and they encourage anyone looking to develop a local program of their own to give it a try.

Zaleski-Sports-Show-3“Get out there and just do it,” said Jason. “Your idea is good, your personality is fun, your speaking skills are great and people will like the concept of your show.”

Added Rachel, “If Jason and I can do this anyone can do this. Just get out there and contact Brett and Breanna [at MCTV] with your ideas. They are easy to work with and supportive of new ideas.”

The Zaleski’s wish to thank the Marshfield community for watching and supporting The Zaleski Sports Show! They encourage anyone to contact them at [email protected], and like them on Facebook.

(Tune in tomorrow – January 31- at 11:30am on Focus On Marshfield’s Facebook page to watch the Super Bowl episode. The program will also airing on MCTV throughout the week.)

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