Local Church Hosts Live Nightly Devotions Via Facebook

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Screenshot from a recent service on CLC's Facebook page.

Christ Lutheran Church’s Daily Facebook Devotions Bring Community Together

Many people turn to faith during times of crisis, but as local churches temporarily close their doors to prevent the spread of COVID-19, pastors are having to find alternative ways to provide comfort and hope to their congregations and community at large.

Two pastors from Christ Lutheran Church are bringing people together through live evening devotions, hosted every night (usually) at 8:00pm on their Facebook page.

Every night, anyone with an Internet connection can tune in to watch Pastors Daryn Bahn and Andrew Belt share devotions, positive messages, and even songs of praise.

“It’s for everyone, not just church members,” said Bahn. “We will do this as long as the situation lasts, and look forward to finding ways to continue our online visits in people’s homes. It’s a great way to connect. It’s a way to continue what we always do and to connect with people and provide a sense of community and solid hope during a time of crisis.”

Christ Lutheran is also live streaming their regular worship services – both Lenten worship on Thursday and regular worship on Sunday – but it is the first time both pastors have had to preach to empty pews. In response, both professionally and personally, the pastors are working hard to stay positive.

“There are a lot of things keeping me going, for which I am very thankful,” said Bahn. “I know Jesus loves me and answers my prayers and is with our community and our loved ones right in the midst of these trying times. That, above all else, keeps me going. As a pastor, it even gives an urgency to the things I can do.”

Bahn also makes a point to stay focused on the simple things, the things that really matter.

“The staff and church family at CLC have been so helpful and supportive and have encouraged me beyond words,” he said.

Tune into Christ Lutheran Church Facebook Page for live videos every night, usually at 8:00pm. (They will keep their page updated to inform visitors of the time.)

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

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