Local Business Highlight: Mitten’s Proud of Full Service Department, American-Made Goods

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Mitten’s Furniture & Appliance Offers Full Service for Products Sold

For decades, Mitten’s Furniture & Appliance has been the go-to local business for everything needed to make any home functional and cozy. Along with an expansive selection of products, Mitten’s also is proud to offer an extensive and skilled service department to assist their customers.

“We are a full service store. Meaning we service what we sell,” said C.W. Mitten IV, Company President. “Our Slogan is ‘Where Service Is More Than Just A Word!’”

With experts in-store to help diagnose and fix just about any problem with a product, Mitten’s is a unique combination of supply and service.

“The largest advantage we have over anyone around can be found in our people,” said Mitten. “Whether it is talking to a service technician on diagnosing a problem, picking up a part and learning more on ‘how to’ do it yourself or just simply talking to a knowledgeable staff member. If the customer has a problem with a product, whether it is in or out of the manufacturer’s warranty, we are only a phone call away.”

Instead of waiting weeks for a repair or replacement part, Mitten’s has these products overnighted everyday, resulting in a quicker fix for customers.

“Customers come to us from start to finish because of our knowledgeable sales staff who can find the right product for every situation, better products, and knowing they have people that will stand behind the products they sell,” said Mitten. “It is truly rewarding to us in a ‘big box’ world having a customer call or send a card thanking us for all the help that we have provided. Satisfied customers after the sale will always come back.”

Quick service and repairs, including on holidays when needed, set Mitten’s apart from the competition.

“A few days prior to Thanksgiving and Christmas are holidays we allott open delivery slots for last minute deliveries,” said Mitten. “Inevitably we get the phone call, ‘My stove is out, how fast can you get a new one to us?’ And our response is always, ‘The quicker you get here (store) the faster we can schedule you in, but usually today or tomorrow at the latest.’”

On top of their stellar service, Mitten’s also proudly sells American-made goods.

“Made in America is very important to us! Not only are we as a business, but our customers are supporting those people across the country and locally,” said Mitten. “Speed Queen is a prime example. Speed Queen Laundry is proudly made in Ripon, WI and the best built washers and dryers in the industry. Customers in the farming community, manufacturing sector and people who have kids these machines work. It is refreshing to have your best selling machines (two fold) made right here in Wisconsin.”

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