Local Artist to Host Exhibit in Appreciation for Wildwood Zoo

Marshfield (OnFocus)- Local artists from the Marshfield area are hosting an art show at the Wildwood Zoo, promoting creativity from the safety of your vehicles.

The Plein Art Loop exhibit will be on Saturday, June 20th from 10AM to 2PM on the Loop around the grounds of the zoo. 

Seven artists will be displaying their artwork along the drive of the zoo in appreciation of the Loop and the beautiful animals that live in its exhibits.

“I want to raise awareness of the uniqueness of the Wildwood Zoo Loop large animal drive and the beautiful animals that reside there,” said coordinator Laura Johnson.

Each artist will have a piece designated to an individual pen and for the free animals that frequently visit Wildwood Zoo.

This would be a great opportunity to visit this local gem, as the zoo recently reopened after closing temporarily from the Covid-19 pandemic.



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