Local 4-H Kids Sew 120+ Masks for Local Medical Professionals

Kamdyn Luepke practices sewing

In response to medical facilities experiencing mask shortages, local 4-H kids helped sew more than 120 masks for local medical professionals.

“Friends reached out to our families and asked if we would be willing to create some face masks to help during this time,” said Liz Knutson, 4-H parent volunteer. “Lori Luepke (another parent volunteer) reached out to see if we could teach their family to sew and we could produce these together. The pattern was shared with each of us and I was already thinking the same thing.”

Carly and Abbi Knutson from Pleasant Corners 4-H; Kylyn and Brilee Luepke from Cary Go Getters 4-H; and non-4-H helpers Kamdyn Luepke and Gunnar David helped with the project.

Carly and Abbi had been sewing since they were 9 and 7 years old, respectively, but the other youth had never sewn before.

“Carly and Abbi have made multiple quilts and outfits through our 4-H and had many scraps laying around,” said Knutson. “Lori had a family member who bought and donated some more supplies and we met for lessons and production.”

With five sewing machines, two irons and ironing boards and a ripping/hand sewing station, the families taught and learned sewing skills, talked about how history was being made, learned and practiced math, learned that straight seams are amazing and crooked seams are functional, laughed and ate, and were thankful for how lucky they are at this time.

“It was project-based learning at its best,” said Knutson. “4-H supports all of these skills and so many more!”

For anyone looking to help, Knutson said it’s easy to learn.

“The Luepke family are not sewers and learned to sew for this project. They caught on quickly and Brilee was even able to bring out Great Grandma’s machine to learn how to sew,” she said.

Breanna Butler
Author: Breanna Butler

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