Lincoln Elementary 5th Graders Present Native American Research Projects

Lincoln Elementary 5th grade students demonstrated Wednesday afternoon what they learned about different Native American groups through special projects.

Students researched the peoples of the Plains, Southwest/West, Northwest, Arctic, and Eastern Woodlands. “The goal of the project was to include information about the food, shelter, and clothing of the Native American group(s) that they chose,” said Kristin Berres, 5th Grade teacher.

Parents check out their children’s projects March 13 at Lincoln Elementary.

Each student got to choose how to display their information, whether that was a virtual tour, poster/anchor chart, diorama, PowerPoint, KomaKoma, Nearpod, or iMovie.

“A lot of kids chose to do dioramas. Some kids used Google Slides, and then I worked with them to take screenshots of their slides and use those screenshots to make an iMovie,” said Berres. “A few students chose to do a virtual tour through Nearpod, Minecraft, and Block Craft.”

Students who chose Minecraft or Block Craft took screenshots of their villages and put them into PowerPoint or Google Slides. They also drew maps of the United States which showed where the Native people resided.

Video Minecraft Project: Chloe Holland, Eastern Woodland People

Plains People, Cristofer Hernandez
Plains People, Camryn Nelsen
Hannah Halvorson
Hand-drawn map displaying where Native people resided in the United States.


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