Lilly’s Soft Serve Continues Under New Ownership

Ice Cream Stop Keeps Stratford Cooled Off

Stratford, WI (OnFocus) Lilly’s Soft Serve continues its sweet tradition for another summer, this time under new ownership.

Carrie Kaiser took over the business in April from former owners Jill and Bret Banie, who since 2014 had served the Stratford community with delicious ice cream treats and a hot meal menu.

“One of their daughters was in my daughter’s grade, so we got to be friends, and my oldest daughter worked here for awhile,” said Kaiser, who’s lived in Stratford for 25 years.

Though she had visited Lilly’s Soft Serve before, she never expected to one day call it her own. Kaiser recalls a conversation with her dad that turned out to be prophetic, though she didn’t know it at the time.

“When it was for sale before Jill bought it, we were sitting at the kitchen table staring at the for-sale sign and he said, ‘You should buy that place,’” she said. “I said, ‘With what?’”

Since taking over the 15 year-old business, she’s made a few small changes to the menu but has otherwise kept customer favorites, including cones, candy flurries, parfaits shaved ice, and her own personal favorite — a Monkey Tail, or chocolate-covered banana. Hot items like burgers, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken, and sides are also available.

Customers can enjoy their meal at outdoor tables in the shade of the awning while the kids work off energy at the playground. For added safety, Kaiser added a small fence to keep kids from the busy street.

“A lot of moms have commented on it, ‘I’m glad you did that,’” she noted.

Kaiser plans to experiment with different specials in July and will add the favorites to the menu next year. Meanwhile, Lilly’s Soft Serve will remain open everyday from 12-9 for a quick meal and a chance to cool off through September.

Find it at 213818 St. Hwy 97 in Stratford, and visit its Facebook page for updates.