Life Insurance Gives Peace of Mind

Kevin Krizan Explains Life Insurance

If something happened to you today, would your dependents be taken care of? For financial peace of mind, each household should consider life insurance as a solution.

“Not only does life insurance provide financial stability for your loved ones, it allows the survivors time to properly grieve and not worry about the money aspect,” said Kevin Krizan / Agency Owner-President of Kevin R. Krizan Insurance Agency, Inc. “It is hard enough to lose a loved one, but sometimes the financial aspect is harder than expected.”

There are many benefits to having a life insurance policy. It provides peace of mind and is the best way to provide for a family once you are gone. Insurance will help pay for funeral expenses, cover debt, pay children’s college tuition, provide a legacy for your family and tax-free income. Its cash value can be utilized if needed similar to a savings account.

When it comes to purchasing a life insurance policy, it’s imperative to start sooner rather than later for the best price and before any health issues arise.

“While the subject of life insurance is morbid, it is one of the best things you can do for your child at birth and the most responsible” said Krizan. “In all reality, the sooner you can purchase a policy, the lower the premiums are going to be, as the price increases with age. By getting it at the youngest age possible, you are also locking in the lowest rate and guaranteeing your future insurability.”

“Too many people wait until it is too late to get a policy and at that point either are not eligible for coverage, or it is so expensive that they cannot afford it,” he added. “Buy as soon as you can, buy as much as you can, and review your program frequently to make sure that you are keeping up with your changing life.”

Though your workplace might provide a life insurance policy, this may not be enough. “Always take whatever they give you at work but get an additional policy on your own,” Krizan advised. “Don’t rely on a work policy to be enough to protect your needs or future insurability.”

Life insurance can be purchased through experienced agents at Farmers Insurance. “My agency offers a multitude of policy options to protect nearly every possible situation,” said Krizan. “We offer Simple Term policies in a variety of time blocks, whole life solutions, flexible universal life insurance options, Mortgage Protection Insurance, coverage for your children all the way up to adults to age 80, as well as some Hybrid Permanent Life solutions & even a Guaranteed Issue Policy.”

The benefit of seeing a local agency like Farmers Insurance is that agents will pay personal attention to your individual and family needs to develop a plan that will provide the best protection for your specific situation.

“We don’t provide a cookie cutter approach like the online companies because each person’s needs are unique and need to be handled accordingly,” said Krizan. “Additionally, as your local agent we offer to keep records of all of your policies (whether they are with us or not) so that your family will have one point of contact, and we can assist them with any claims processing.”

Life insurance can be difficult to discuss due to its acknowledgment of mortality, but it can be empowering. “You are basically staring death in the face and telling it that you are taking charge and are going to make sure that your family is properly taken care of,” he said.

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