Lieutenant Volden Awarded Sheriff’s Commendation for Diffusing Tense Situation

Lieutenant Lucas Volden/Marathon Co Photo

OnFocus – Lieutenant Lucas Volden has been a member of the Marathon County Sheriff’s Office since February 2016 working as a Corrections Officer and promoted to a Shift Lieutenant in October 2018. On October 3, 2020, Volden was supervising the evening shift in Corrections Division. Verbal instructions had been given to an inmate to prepare to move to a new housing assignment.

According to Marathon County Sheriff Scott Parks, the inmate became argumentative and threatened to cause harm to himself by leaping from the top tier of the cellblock he was assigned to. The inmate moved up the stairs in the cellblock taking a position near the upper most tier rail and climbed to the top of the rail. Other Corrections Officers including Volden entered the cellblock and attempted to approach the inmate. The inmate began striking himself to the head area in an effort to be a mechanism to assist him to fall from the tier rail.

Lieutenant Volden negotiated with the troubled inmate gaining a rapport with the individual and cause the inmate to climb back to the safe side of the tier rail where Corrections Officers could further assist the inmate. The inmate was transported to a local hospital for medical attention and mental health concerns.

Volden’s levelheaded actions, calming demeanor and demonstrated control resulted in a positive resolution to this inmate’s potentially harmful efforts. Volden is awarded the Sheriff’s Commendation.

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