Letter to the Editor: Vote Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff

Dear Editor:

As voters, you will be asked to perform a very important task on November 6th, 2018. Please vote and please vote for Shawn Becker to become the next Sheriff of Wood County. We owe it to ourselves to put the person in office that will have the best interests of the public ahead of his own.

I know candidates Becker and Hiller very well. I was responsible for their hiring in 1997, and supervised them both for about 13 years. Although I like John Hiller, I strongly recommend Shawn Becker as the person who should serve as our next Sheriff.

Rather than make comparisons, I would emphasize the qualities that Becker has to make him the best candidate. Shawn has held multiple positions within the Wood County Sheriff’s Department, with many having leadership responsibilities. He has a background in criminal investigations, has been involved in SWAT, and is currently supervising the Patrol Division since 2010. This demands that he becomes involved with every facet of the department on a regular basis.

Wood County deserves a Sheriff who is accountable to the public and devoted to department employees. The public will be better served by a Sheriff who supports positive law enforcement that is consistently administered on a regular basis. They deserve a Sheriff who is motivated to do the right thing, without a personal agenda.

Please vote Shawn Becker, as he will serve you well!

-David Laude, former Lieutenant for Wood County Sheriff

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