Letter to the Editor: Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff

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On Tuesday, November 6, I ask you to vote for Shawn Becker for Wood County Sheriff. Why? Shawn is the most qualified candidate based on previous experience, his ability to lead others and his passion to make a positive difference for the people of Wood County.

The message of many candidates running for office is “change is needed” and “I listen to the people.” For the record, Shawn DOES listen to people, has been actively involved in Wood County activities and has developed relationships with people from all walks of life. Regarding change, he DOES have concrete plans for jail reform, mental health challenges and for making ALL of Wood County a safe place to live and work.

In local elections, we see the candidates, up close and personal. We can listen, question and evaluate them in a much more authentic way.  In this election and office of Sheriff, please vote for the person. Study the qualifications of Shawn, his experience and proven abilities. If you do, you will vote for Shawn Becker for Wood County on November 6.

Gus Mancuso


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