Letter to the Editor: Changing the Perception of Construction Careers

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Quality Roofing at work

MARSHFIELD, WI (OnFocus) – If you’re seeking a rewarding career with opportunities for advancement, it’s time to consider a construction or manufacturing career. Labor shortages in the construction and manufacturing industries are having an impact locally.

People sometimes think of construction jobs as dirty or undesirable, but they are rewarding careers with opportunities for education and advancement. Construction workers are vital, and many workers find reward in hands-on work and building something. Recently the pandemic reinforced the importance of physical activity and exposure to fresh air, and getting that during the workday is a huge benefit.

A career at Quality Roofing, for example, provides on-the-job training, rewarding work, and a chance to stay physically active in the outdoors.

Those seeking intellectually stimulating work or who like to problem solve are great additions to any team. Many provide the opportunity to learn complex equipment and technology.

Upward mobility is another trademark of construction careers, and an alternative to traditional education without the debt.

There are a lot of opportunities for a career in a construction field that don’t necessarily even involve being on a job site. For example, construction companies also need people to do estimating, accounting, and other office-based tasks.

Many companies, Quality Roofing included, also offer paid training.

If you’re looking for rewarding work, a construction career might be the perfect fit!

Mark & Pat Begotka
Owners of Quality Roofing Inc
Marshfield & Menomonie, WI

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