Leadership Marshfield Group Project: The Weighted Blanket Project

Leadership Marshfield Project Distributes Therapeutic Blankets

Throughout the next couple of weeks, FOCUS will take a deeper look at some of this year’s Leadership Marshfield projects.

Background: The purpose and objective of Leadership Marshfield is to identify current and potential leaders in the community and provide a training program that will enhance their ability to function as more effective leaders. They will be better equipped to face the issues, problems, and challenges that will determine our community’s future.

Leadership Marshfield is a program of the Marshfield Area Chamber Foundation supported by the Leadership Council, volunteers, Chamber staff, and a strong Alumni network.
MACCI’s first Leadership Class graduated in May 1993. The 2018 class was recruited in the summer of 2017. Members participate in a series of eight informative one-day programs and develop group projects designed to meet each individual’s interests and community needs.

The purpose of the community project is to provide participants with an additional educational experience beyond the monthly sessions. Participants select their projects after learning about opportunities confronting the community and according to their interests.

 Project Name: The Weighted Blanket Project

Team Members: Team Members: Nick Anderson, Joel Goham, Josh Sampson, Marisa Steinbach, Jill Wrensch

Not just a way to keep warm, new weighted blankets can also be a way to treat mental health conditions and more.

A Leadership Marshfield group is undertaking “The Weighted Blanket Project,” with the aim of distributing fifty blankets to those who can’t afford one otherwise.

“Weighted Blankets are becoming a popular therapy tool for a variety of conditions, including but not limited to autism, ADD/ADHD, anxiety, stress, insomnia, and chemotherapy treatments,” said Marisa Steinbach. “The weight of the blankets releases our ‘happy hormones’ of serotonin and dopamine, much like receiving a big hug. These blankets can also be extremely expensive, so we wanted to gather resources and manpower to help make these blankets for those who might not be able to afford them.”

The project is not just a group effort, but a community one. An event was hosted on March 10 at the Middle School to make fifty weighted blankets for the United Way, their goal. They also made an instructional video, which can be watched here.

“We’ve joined forces with different community groups, incorporating different generations, to create a project that has to potential to last well into the future,” said Lorenzen. “We’re focusing on using the resources of a small business, combined with the United Way, the Marshfield Middle and High School FCCLA groups, the local quilters guild and volunteers throughout the community, to make our dream a reality.”

The group has raised over $3,000 from individual and business donations. Stay up-to-date with the project through the group’s Facebook page.


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