Law Enforcement Appreciation Project Gives $20 Gift Card To EVERY Patrol Officer In Marathon County


Submitted to OnFocus – With so much bad press about bad cops brought to the forefront this past year, it’s time to create some positive press and support our uniformed blue throughout Marathon County.

In not only the spirit of Thanksgiving, but also the spirit of perpetual giving, the Law Enforcement Appreciation Project will be providing a $20 gift card to EVERY patrol officer in Marathon County—that’s nearly 300! Gift cards are from local businesses able to serve beverages ‘on the go’.

“Law enforcement is undergoing a series of aggressive confrontation across the nation due to the actions of a few who do not deserve the privilege to represent their communities as law enforcement professionals. Sadly, some have elected to dismiss the entire profession as corrupt, where in reality, a majority of the law enforcement officers are dedicated public servants willing to step into harm’s way even if it means the sacrifice of their life,” states Scott Parks, Marathon County Sheriff.

The Law Enforcement Appreciation Project is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization created to say “thank you” to the local Police, Sheriff’s Deputies and State Police Officers serving Marathon County.

The organization’s goal is to raise funds to show support and appreciation by providing beverages or snacks for all patrol officers while on duty on a regular basis throughout the county. In essence, the organization is creating a “perpetual Pay It Forward” to the protectors of our community.

Additionally, this project will provide the citizens of Marathon County the opportunity and venue to anonymously show their financial support for Law Enforcement.

“There are many in this community who have reached out to communicate their support of law enforcement. The effort the Law Enforcement Appreciation Project will provide is an opportunity for the ‘silent majority’ to express their support without seeking public recognition for their actions. I support the endeavors of the Law Enforcement Appreciation Project.”

Have you ever wanted to thank an officer in your community but didn’t know how? This organization was created to provide the opportunity to show appreciation and support for the law Enforcement community throughout Marathon County through donated funding.

The Law Enforcement Appreciation Project is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization comprised of Marathon County residents. We will accomplish our goal by providing law enforcement personnel working within Marathon County coffee and soda refreshments during their scheduled on-duty breaks.

This is a program designed to say, “thank you,” to the officers serving Marathon County by: 1) Providing gift cards to the officers for their use in purchasing beverages or snacks during their shifts; and 2) Encouraging community members to get involved and “Pay it Forward.” Supporting the Project is our community’s opportunity to support the blue. The Project has the backing of the Police Departments being served, the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin as well as community leaders.

How to Donate: ONLINE:, click on Giving, Give Now, select Law Enforcement Appreciation Project. Or, send check donations to Community Foundation, PO Box 1991, Wausau, WI 54402 (Write “LEAP” in the memo).


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