Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty on All Counts

KENOSHA, WI (OnFocus) – After three days of deliberation, the jury for the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in which he was charged with five counts of reckless endangerment, first-degree reckless homicide and first-degree intentional homicide.

The decision comes after more than two weeks of trial proceedings in which both sides made arguments. Seven women and five men listened to more than 30 witnesses during the two week trial.

Rittenhouse, who was 17 at the time of the incident, broke down during the trial as he was asked to recount the events of August 25, 2020.

Protests were taking place in Kenosha in the wake of the Jacob Blake shooting that occurred on August 23, 2020. Rittenhouse said in the proceedings that he went to Kenosha to help protect people’s property and provide first-aid following the protests turned riots after the shooting.

Rittenhouse was brandished with an AR-15 and when attacked, shot and killed two protesters.

Prosecutors aimed to paint Rittenhouse as the aggressor in the situation but ultimately, it was found that he was acting in self defense and he was cleared of all charges.

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