Kodiak Bear Munsey Off Exhibit After Minor Injury

Marshfield, WI (OnFocus) Kodiak bear Munsey will be off exhibit at Wildwood Zoo until further notice after suffering an injury to his front right paw.

Zookeepers noticed the bear was limping on Monday morning and brought in a veterinarian Tuesday for an examination and some x-rays to determine the extent of the injury. Nothing was broken, and the injury is thought to be a pulled muscle.

The slippery weather conditions may have led to Munsey’s injury. “In an exhibit that large, there’s a lot of potential areas where he could have slipped and tripped,” said Zookeeper Steve Burns.

The Kodiak bear is already improving and expected to recover. His condition will be evaluated again on Friday by a veterinarian. “We take any injury or illness seriously, but we’re hoping that it’s just a sore muscle,” said Burns.

Currently, Munsey is spending time recuperating inside his den with his brother Boda for company. “We’ve been keeping Boda in also because they’re more comfortable together, and Boda doesn’t seem to mind,” he said. Boda has been let out in the exhibit for short stretches to exercise.

Munsey and Boda first arrived at the Wildwood Zoo in 2015 and will turn five in February. Munsey is the smaller of the brothers at 950 pounds, while Boda weighs 1060 pounds. However, the bears are not yet considered full-grown.

Munsey and Boda Turn Three

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