Keep Your Car Battery Running in Freezing Temperatures

Freezing temps can cause a variety of issues for your vehicle, including batteries. A weak or dead battery might mean starting out the day with a car that won’t start.

While today’s batteries don’t need any specific maintenance other than keeping a charge (as simple as running the vehicle), there are a number of ways to protect them from failing in cold weather. Just as in hot weather, batteries are vulnerable to extreme temperatures in winter, especially if the battery is several years old.

Symptoms of a failing battery include slow cranking engine and dim headlights, according to Wheelers Auto Repair and Tire Center in Marshfield. To prevent problems, the best place for a vehicle is in a garage rather than the exposed elements. Failing that, the next best option is to keep it out of the wind. Those with access to an outlet can use a battery blanket to keep it warm as well.

If you suspect any problems with your vehicle’s battery or just want to do a check-up, Wheelers offers a free battery check at all of its locations.

Should the battery not work, staff can take a quick 15-minute look at the starting and charging system to determine whether the vehicle needs a starter or alternator replacement, since one bad link affects the whole system.

If the battery needs to be replaced, Wheelers Chevrolet GMC can replace it from a wide selection of ACDelco auto batteries.

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