Keep An Eye Out for Missing Dog “Peaches”

OnFocus – A few weeks ago, we shared a happy story about Peaches being reunited with her family. We’re hoping that together we can reunite Peaches again! She hasn’t been sighted in a few days. Currently, the owner and MAPS are out searching for her. If you see her, please call Kaila (715)896-2239 & Chris (715) 207-5985, and Megan at (715)613-8026.

**MISSING DOG** Marshfield
PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO CATCH HER OR CALL OUT TO HER. Please just call or text the numbers below with any sightings noting day, time, nearest interesting streets & which direction she was heading. Traps are set & being monitored closely, but she has not entered them yet.
**Peaches has been missing since 10-29-20. She is VERY SCARED. She has had reports of roaming a broad area around the following locations. Weber’s Farm to Adler Rd., Veterans Pkwy & Oak/Arnold St. area. Down to Mall Furniture, Melody Gardens area. She is FAST with reports back to back being 1.5 miles away within 20-30 minutes. Please do not try to catch her.**
Went missing 10-29-20 at 6pm near 6th St. & Oak Ave.
Peaches has been doing amazing since being back home after being trapped on 10-19-20. (She was only adopted on 10-9-20 with a sad history prior to adoption, she is very scared & Peaches skittishness is at no fault to current owners as things like this can happen with a dog who is newly adopted & skittish.)
Unfortunately on a walk on 10-29-20 near 6pm, owner tripped & fell. Lost grip of the leash, Peaches became spooked with the commotion & bolted. She does have a blue leash attached (which as of 11-4-20 is breaking apart.) Please let us know of any sightings & please do not try to call her or catch her!! Take note of day, time, nearest intersecting streets & which way she was heading.
Owners phone number is Kaila (715)896-2239 & Chris (715) 207-5985, can also call/text Megan at (715)613-8026.

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