Kayden Plans to Donate Money to Cancer Research

Funds Raised from Lemonade Stand Going to Support Cancer Research

OnFocus (Marshfield) Kayden Schober, a seven year old Marshfield boy, wanted to start a lemonade stand. He thought it would be fun and now that it is getting warmer out, he said, “People might be thirsty.”

Temperatures reached 80 degrees in Marshfield over the weekend. Kayden opened his stand on Friday for a few hours and then again on Saturday.

Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department at Kayden’s Stand

On Saturday, his visitors included the shift on duty from the Marshfield Fire and Rescue Department, who arrived in Engine 1, a ladder truck. Officers from the Marshfield Police department also stop for a cold glass of lemonade.

Marshfield residents enjoyed over 4 gallons from Kayden’s lemonade stand over the weekend. Kayden sold his lemonade for $.50 a cup, raising over $100 in the two days. His goal is to raise $200 from his stand.

Kayden’s Lemonade Stand

When asked what he plans to do with the money, Kayden said he wants to donate to cancer research in memory of his Papa Greg and great Uncle John. He lost three special family members last year due to cancer, great-grandpa Andrew Bodendorfer in the spring and Greg Bodendorfer and John Kiviko in the fall of 2018.  Kayden’s Grandpa, Greg Bodendorfer, 59, passed away last September from cancer. John Kiviko, 64, passed away last October from cancer. With any extra funds earned, Kayden would also like to get a new outdoor toy.

Kayden Schober’s lemonade stand will be open through the summer, mainly nights and weekends on Peach Ave near the Central Wisconsin State Fair grounds. If you are unable to visit his stand and would like support his cause mail support to Kayden’s Lemonade Stand 907 S. Peach Ave. Marshfield, WI 54449.






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