Kayden Pays for Introductory Flight with Lemonade Stand

Kayden at the controls. Photos by Wausau Downtown Airport.

Cub Scout Donating Extra Funds to Cancer Research

After a summer of fundraising through his lemonade stand, 7 year-old Kayden Schober was able to save enough to fulfill his dream of an introductory flight at the Wausau Downtown Airport in July.

Schober arrived at the airport in his Cub Scout uniform and experienced the controls of a 1941 Boeing Stearman biplane with John Chmiel, airport manager and flight instructor, before flying a separate airplane.

“When him and his family first got here, I thought it was his dad who wanted to go for the flight,” Chmiel said.

The family explained about Kayden’s wish to fly an airplane and how the young entrepreneur had wanted to raise enough through his lemonade stand to both pay for a flight and make a donation to cancer research in memory of three family members who passed away last year.

Chmiel decided then that Kayden was more than mature enough to go on the flight, and wasn’t disappointed.

“When he got in the air and he took the controls, it was a pretty awesome experience because he had listened to everything I had said in the briefing about how everything worked, and he really flew a great airplane,” said Chmiel. “It was a really great time because this kid is so mature for his age and not a lot of kids are willing to work and earn what it takes to do something like that.”

Kayden had a great time and still talks about the experience. Chmiel told him to come back next year when his feet can reach the rudders.

The lemonade stand will be open again this weekend at 907 S. Peach Ave. in Marshfield. So far, Kayden has raised over $200 and hopes to make a $500 donation to cancer research in his grandpa’s name. He plans to raise enough each summer to make a total of three donations.

Kayden Plans to Donate Money to Cancer Research