Judiciary and License Recommends Repeal of Social Hosting Ordinance

Judiciary and License Committee Votes to Repeal Social Hosting Ordinance

At Tuesday’s Judiciary and License committee meeting, city attorney Harold Wolfgram and Police Chief Rick Gramza brought forward a repeal of the city’s social hosting ordinance. The social hosting ordinance laid out penalties for adults who either provided alcohol to minors or provided a location for them to consume that alcohol.

“When you are dealing with alcohol and liquor, the state sort of precedes us in terms of the power to regulate those things.” said Harold Wolfgram, Marshfield City Attorney.

This specific ordinance is in violation of Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 125, which states that a city cannot have social hosting ordinances more stringent than state statute.

Wisconsin Statute Chapter 125 does lay out penalties for social hosting, and a recent court decision found that more stringent restrictions and penalties are not legal.

The next step will be a first reading before the full council at the May 22nd meeting.

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