Jolly Good Brings Joy to Weiler’s Convenience Store Patrons

Jolly Good

Marshfield (OnFocus) – With its classic flavors of root beer, fruit punch, cherry, sour pow’r, grape, orange, cream soda, blue raspberry, and pina colada, Jolly Good is one of those classic sodas that brings back memories of warm summer days growing up.

“There’s just something about the nostalgic taste of Jolly Good for a Wisconsinite,” said Kelly Weiler, owner. “We wanted to get it in-store to help bring people some joy during this challenging year.”

Created in Random Lake, WI, Jolly Good Soda remains a Wisconsin-based soda product made by Krier Foods, Inc. It was born in the 1970’s, but discontinued in the early 2000’s, before making a comeback in 2016.

Krier Foods, which is best known for being a contract packaging facility that packages many nationally known soda brands, rejuvenated Jolly Good Soda under President John Rassel’s supervision.

“When I see those bright cans with their vibrant packaging and funky names, it brings back a lot of memories,” said Weiler. “By having them in-store, we hope that patrons can pass along the tradition and memories to their kids.”

Visit any of Weiler’s three local locations to pick up your 12-pack of Jolly Good soda.

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